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Dorchester Heights

Located on Rabweh’s high street, Dorchester Heights is another highly affordable piece of luxury.

With a total of 2 buildings, 8 floors and 12 apartments, this residence is highly in demand especially since it is segmented differently to house residents with various living requirements and purchasing powers.

The structure of the building is modern and takes into consideration international safety and security standards.

Equipped with the latest built-in facilities in an interior that has been crafted to maximize the living space, it is also worth noting that residents and guests each get their parking spots.
Area: Rabweh
B.U.A Sq.m: 3426
Cost: $2,700,000
Project Start: 1/1/2011
Project Finish: 5/1/2013
Project Status: Concrete Works
Project Type: Residential Development
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“Lebanese have ambitions that cannot be limited by their territory.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
“When I think of Lebanon, I am desperately hopeful.”
Georges Zard Abou Jaoudeh
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